Message from Cardinal Napier O.F.M – Archbishop of Durban

Message from Fr Stuart Bate O.M.I – Oblate Provincial

Forward: Professor Joy Brain


A History of the St Francis Xavier Mission

Establishment of the Church at Fynnland

The Church at Wentworth

The Centralisation of St Francis Xavier Parish and Building of the New Church

The Building of the Parish Hall

The Building of the New Presbytery, Parish Office and Classrooms

The Building of the Wall of Remembrance

The Architectural meaning of the New Church

Your Church in Rhyme by Fr Andy Slowey

The Human Contribution to the Growth of the Parish:

Groups and Organisations that have contributed to the Parish:

Current Groups within the Parish

Local Vocations

Awards and Recognition

An armchair tour of the Parish:

The Shrine to Our Lady of Natal

Landholdings of the Catholic Church on the Bluff

A Portrait of the Life and Times of St. Francis Xavier

Picture Gallery

Chronological Timeline of Incidents of the Bluff Parish