Current Groups within the Parish

The parish of St. Francis Xavier, Bluff has a number of groups, which add a flavour to the life of the parish.

  • The Care Group

Established a few years ago at the instigation of Fr. Eric Boulle O.M.I. to take care of the needs of the sick, the housebound, and those needing comfort in bereavement within the parish. The group has also assisted in the needs of orphanages, homes for the aged and wherever they are needed.

  • The Youth Group

The parish continues to grapple with the formation of a formal youth group. This year has seen the “re-launch” of the youth. It also is the first time ever representatives of the parish will be joining the World Youth in Cologne, Germany.

  • The Junior Youth Group

Caters for mainly 6 to 12 year olds.

  • The General Choir

One of two formal choirs within the parish, catering for traditional and modern Church music with organ.

  • The Folk Choir

The second formal choir within the Parish. This choir caters mainly for the youth and young at heart with the more modern music, using Guitars and other instruments.

  • The Flower Arrangers

The task of the Flower arrangers is to “Beautify” the church in preparation of Holy Mass both for normal mass, feast days and Special Celebrations. Their role may also include flower arranging in the hall for a parish function.

  • The Sacristan’s

The Sacristan’s are a group of parishioners who prepare the altar and sanctuary for the celebration of mass. They also have other tasks such as maintenance of the vestments and altar linen.

  • The Lay ministers of the Eucharist

A very special ministry whereby the link between the mass and the sick and house bound is bridged with weekly communion on a Sunday. They also assist with the distribution of the Body and Blood during communion time. A small group of Lay Ministers of the Eucharist are mandated to do communion services from time to time, in the absence of the Priest or a Deacon.

  • The Catechetical Team

One of the church’s most important ministry’s within the parish, as it is through catechetical formation that the formal teaching of the faith passed on. This would include Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Senior and Junior Catechetics.

  • The Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an elected group of parishioners as well as representatives of the various groups within the parish. Their core function is to assist the Parish Priest in Pastoral issues.

  • The Finance Committee

The finance committee is a group of parishioners invited by the parish priest to assist him in the running of or maintenance of the temporal good of the parish.

  • The Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy group’s function is to assist the Parish Priest in preparing meaningful liturgies.

  • The Parish Office

The Parish office is the Administrative centre of the Parish. It is through the Parish Office that the Bulletins are prepared and records kept of events that have taken place, especially as far as the sacraments are concerned.

  • The St. Francis Xavier Men’s League

The youngest of all the Groups within the parish the Men’s league was started out of a need for men to gather in fellowship, as well as to assist in the parish where required. Using the motto “ Brotherhood in Christ”. Some of their aims are:

  • to promote family socialising in the Parish,
  •  to promote the involvement of the youth,
  • to instil correct morals and values,
  • to develop partnerships with men’s groups from other congregations
  • to act as a supporting role for other community organisations in the church and,
  • to play an active role in assisting in the maintenance of the church.

Using the Parish mission statement the Men’s league developed their mission statement:

“Guided by the Holy Spirit, we strive as a Parish, to grow into Disciples of Jesus Christ, as a good husband, father, brother in Christ and a faithful servant of the Lord”


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