The Cross of Love

Since the year 2000, at the inspiration of the Late Pope John Paul II more than 3000 crosses have been erected in the five continents, according to the theme:

Thousands of Crosses, thousand of Rosaries in the world to the greater glory of God and the salvation of our souls”

The cross of love at night

The cross of love during the day

All the crosses are 7.38 metres high representing 1/100th of the height of Golgotha (738m) in Jerusalem. Whilst the Crossbeams are 1.34 Metres long. It is orientated on and East/West axis. The cross is painted a bright white, reminding us of the risen Jesus, and outlined in blue, reminding us of the participation of the Virgin Mary. It is also lighten with three Blue lights at the top, representing the Trinity and 4 white lights representing Jesus who is the link between heaven and Earth.
Taking up the request that a number of Crosses be built, as Crosses are symbols Jesus’ love for us, the international organisers approached Cardinal Napier O.F.M. who gave his permission to go ahead and even suggested that St. Francis Xavier be the first in the Archdiocese. Since it was the first cross in the Diocese (and in fact the first in South Africa) the organisers carried all expenses.  Mr Lucien Brunet, representing the International Organisers then approached the Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Committee on Tuesday 2nd April 2002. The proposal was unanimously and enthusiastically accepted.  The sight selected was on the south side of the Church on the small-grassed section immediately beside the church. From this position the cross could be seen out to sea, as well as from the opposite hill.

Cardinal Blesses Cross


The letter of thanks forwarded to Gerard …. who oversaw the erection of the cross of love:

Dear Gerard,

We, the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier at the Bluff, in Durban, wish to express our thanks and deep appreciation to you, and through you to your fellow compatriots in France, for your wonderful gesture of generosity in financing the construction and erect of the Cross of Love here in our parish. We are certainly privileged to be the first to have such a cross in our midst, and we can only pray that it will always remain with us as a visible and effective sign of the redemption of the world wrought by our saviour Jesus Christ. May it also be a visible reminder that we all form one family, one Body of Christ, by the fact that you, our brothers and sisters in France reached out to us in love and generosity?

May God Bless you all.

Gratefully in the Lord Jesus.

The Parish of St. Francis Xavier.


To be prayed at the cross:

Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death
His reign is eternal
He comes to conquer the world and time

Have mercy, O God,
On those who blaspheme against you;
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Have mercy, O God,
On those who give scandal to the world;
Deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

Have mercy, O God,
On those who run from you;
Give them the taste of the Holy Eucharist.

Have mercy, O God,
On those who will repent
At the foot of the glorious cross;
There let them find peace and joy in
You our Saviour.

Have mercy, O God.
That your kingdom may come;
Save all while there is time.
For the time is near and behold
“I am coming.” Amen.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come.
(Recite one Our Father, ten Hail Mary’s and one Glory Be…)
Lord, pour out on the whole world
The treasures of Your infinite mercy.

Daily prayer

Daily prayer