The Building of the Wall of Remembrance

At the request of many parishioners it was decided to build a wall of remembrance. There were two proposals as to where to situate the wall. The first was to build it just below the church, and the second along the side of the church, where it would be built into an existing wall.  The proposals were put to the parish and the response was overwhelming for it to be placed at the side of the church.
On the 18th November 2000 the Wall of Remembrance was blessed by Wilfred Cardinal Napier O.F.M.

The Future

The Bluff parish has come a long way in it’s 125 years of existence and has in many ways reflected the history of South Africa. What originally started, as a black mission station became a mainly white parish, and today 10 years after South Africa’s first democratic elections, it reflects the diverse population of South Africa.   During this time there has been a phenomenal growth in the parish, and yet there is still capacity for further growth. No doubt as the parish grows to full maturity and becomes a parish of true “Community of Communities” will it be like the Cross of Love – a shining light on the hill.


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