Groups & Associations

Small Faith Sharing Groups

Co-ordinator: Carl Emmanuel (031-4665254 / 0824938668)
Meet: Weekly or Monthly in homes
Activity: Support Groups for sharing faith on the Word of God

Catholic Women’s League

President: Nickole Whittock (031-4663277 / 0791802520)
Meet: Every 3rd Saturday of month 1.30 pm in hall
Activity: Charitable work

Men’s League

Contact: Stephen Sutherland (031-4674411 / 0832949584)
Meet: 3rd Tuesday of month 7.00pm in classroom
Activity: Centred on male spirituality – help organise parish events

Sacred Heart Sodality (Zulu)

President: Tholani Mbakhazi (W:031-4662853 / 0835392781)
Meet: Every 1st Sunday of month 9.30 am in classroom

St Anna’s Sodality (Zulu)

President: Pumza Madlala (031-4671749 / 0723399167)
Meet: Every 2nd Sunday of month 9.30 am in classroom

Legion of Mary (Zulu)

President: Maria Shinga (031-4665541 / 0734111904)
Meet: Every 3rd Sunday of month 9.30 am in classroom

Couples for Christ

Contact: Stephen and Imelda Sutherland (031-467441 / 0832949584)
Meet: Regularly

Handmaids for Christ

Contact: Desiree Ogle (031-4666719 / 0823660772)
Meet: Regularly

ACTS Core Team

Facilitator: Patrick Marescia 031-4664330 / (0718875277)
Activity: To arrange ACTS Men’s and Ladies Retreats

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